Elron Musk discusses future

Elron Musk discusses future

A recent discussion was done with TED on YouTube that was published on May 3, 2017. The discussion was between Chris Anderson, TED’s head curator, and Elon Musk. In the discussion, TED talked about his new project concerning digging tunnels underneath Los Angeles with the latest of SpaceX and Tesla.

Musk hopes to build future cities on Mars, and he hopes it happens in the next 20 years. He hopes to see this during his lifetime. Anderson asked why not create a way to build transporting above ground, instead of dealing with all the costs of building tunnels underground. Musk responded that he loves aircraft, rockets, and so forth, but creating transporting above ground with flying cars and the sort would pose different problems: For one, flying cars will be noisy. Secondly, cars flying everywhere wouldn’t be safe because they will be flying all around, thus creating more anxiety among travelers. They may wonder whether or not the hubcap was service, whether or not the hubcap will come off and guillotine me/us, etc.  And lastly, the wind force generator will be quite high.  He also stated that the costs of going in a car would be more affordable than the cost of riding a bus. Anderson proposed that question mentioning the costs associated with this project because some experts claimed that the project will be overbudgeted by several billion dollars due to the considerable development, construction, and operational costs.

As of now, Musk said they are reinforcing the tunnel wall. They hope to build cities on Mars where a million people can come. Also, they are producing electrifying cars and trucks through Tesla.  The electric cars, Model S, are self-driving (autopilot)) now.  Musk also stated that the plan is for travelers to have the ability to transport underground from their homes and from certain areas on the road. Also, Musk displayed a video with an electric car skate that’s attached to an elevator located at the street level which brings the car vertically to the underground level into a tunnel.

When it comes to reinforcing the wall, the concept of the hyperloop comes into play.  The Hyperloop is the second largest vacuum chamber’s test track of the world, according to Musk. This concept of this Hyperloop system, first mentioned in 2012 by Musk, includes a proposed mode of the freight transportation, vehicles, and passengers traveling freely with no friction or air resistance through a sealed system or tube at optimal acceleration and speed.  The concept of the Hyperloop has been open-sourced and in the further developing process by SpaceX and Musk to make this project come to fruition. Also, other things are in the makes for July and November/December 2017 like the Model 3.

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