How to use humor to grow your audience

humor grow audience

In the business world, people are afraid of being funny since they can end up offending other people. However, humor is a very interesting tool to use since it is easy to create a connection with other people during laughter moments. Also, funny stuff gets shared since people always want to impress their friends with funny quotes or images. As such, if you want your message to spread, you should consider doing things that make people laugh. Below are four tips that you can use to grow your audience through humor.

Tell the Truth

You will realize that when you say something that makes you look smart, most probably you will replay and cherish that moment for several hours or days. As such, you should familiarize yourself with various tricks which would help you look smart in meetings. Notably, to create humor, you don’t need to be clever or intelligent, just be honest and it will sound humorous considering that some of the audiences might have done the things you are sharing. However, you can exaggerate your story but should always start from the point of truth.

Teach Something Silly

Evidently, you will find yourself nodding in meetings even when you don’t understand the message being passed across. Obviously, no one needs to be taught how to nod since it comes naturally. There are different types of nods which might seem silly but will help a lot when passing across your opinion about something. Through these nods, you can create humor which will grow your audience.

Compare and Contrast

This is simply taking two things and comparing what they have in common and what they don’t. An example, you can take two cities such as New York and San Francisco and compare them. Notably, in New York, a person will tell it to your face in case you get in their way while in San Francisco, one will just walk away and judge you silently. Also, a New York resident will dress neatly and pretend to have large amounts of money but you it is the opposite in San Francisco. Such comparisons will lead to a division of your audience into two factions each supporting either side of your argument which is an interesting thing. When your audience is arguing against each other, the topic becomes interesting and humorous.

Mash it up

Notably, it is relatively hard to bring humor in the corporate world since you can end up annoying your coworkers. However, you can mash up your humorous comment with something that the people can relate to.

Finally, if you are trying to make humorous articles, you should make it more visual since most people will get bored when reading long posts. You can subdivide your articles and include several images and illustrations which are related to your message. As such, the readers will be interested in reading up to the end. Also, you can subdivide your article into several animated GIFs and post it on YouTube and other social platforms. Before deciding on what to work on, you should test it first with friends or family to know whether it is worth going by which will help in saving time and resources.

Mr. Singh is the CEO of AIRR Media with over 15 years of experience specializing in digital marketing and technology. He has helped startups increase their online revenue 10x using a proven framework for marketing businesses on the web.