How many buyer personas do you need

buyer personas
When you start any marketing project then you want to have a clear idea who your buyers are. You do not want to jump in blind-folded and waste money on marketing to the wrong people. This causes major issues for lead generation in your company. The marketing department would not be able to generate the ROI to show enough value to the company.
The best chance for success is to do your homework in advance. You want to do your best and prepare to know, who are your typical buyers. This is where the buyer persona becomes a valuable part of the process. The buyer persona is a fictional representation of your prospect. You can have more than one buyer persona for each organization.
Adele Revella talks about how many buyer personas that you need at CMM World.

People are getting a bit carried away in building buyer personas. Usually you need a couple of them to target your best prospects. Marketers are designing way too many personas that it becomes hard to manage them. They mix different attributes of demographic data to give an endless combination. The end result is that no one would use the buyer persona because it would have no value to the work.
A buyer persona is more than a picture and demographic data. A persona should also answer the how, when, and why people buy from you. You can use this information to help the prospect understand why they should buy from you. You can find the intersection of what matters to them and what you offer then you have your strategy. Having your marketing align to buyers expectations is the goal of the buyer persona. Also, not every person is fit to be a prospect for your business. Watch the video and take some notes. Please, feel free to comment in the section below.

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