Mark Zuckerberg discusses risks and hiring

Mark Zuckerberg discusses risks and hiring

This is a captivating interview that Sam Altman had with Mark Zuckerberg. He discusses the biggest risks for entrepreneurs. He also provides his insights on finding the right people to make a difference in your company.

The biggest take away for me from this interview is not taking risks. If you do not take any action then their is no opportunity for you to succeed. You need to make decisions that may not provide benefit for you now but would position you for long term gain. Taking calculated risks and weighing your options is the smart way to go as an entrepreneur. For example, allocating money into a marketing automation may not get you the ROI today. You would have to hire resources that need to take your requirements and make a system that works for you. There is a lot of risks in running over costs for projects, not enough people entering the top of the funnel, and so on.

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