What to expect when your rankings fluctuate

ranking fluctuations
One of the common problems as a digital marketer is understanding search rankings. The rankings in Google can fluctuate on a daily basis. One day you are ranking for #1 search result and the next day you are ranking on the 2nd page. What happened? This is the question that lot of clients ask. Rand Fishkin visited this topic on his Whiteboard Friday.

Rand explains that ranking fluctuations are normal. Especially when you are ranking in the bottom half of the first page and 2nd page. There are no clear explanations on why they are moving up or down. Google is an ever changing environment trying to figure out the best results for users.
He also provides some recommendations:
1. Check your results on a weekly basis and not daily. The reason why is that you get a better idea of the direction of your rankings are going over a longer period of time.
2. Do not freak out if the rankings drop. Do not change your SEO strategy with out benchmarking and doing analysis.
3. If rankings for a website fall on multiple pages then this may be a cause for concern.
No one wants their rankings to drop. Especially when you are allocating money towards promoting your website. Take a look at the data over time then find a solution.

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