Robots taking over jobs will lead to new innovation


This is the time where people and not robots will provide the next generation with innovation. According to David Lee in his Ted Talks, robotic automation will take over the job that are boring. Can you imagine if you are doing inventory in a stock room to counting all the supplies. Yikes! Snore. What robots will do is do these mundane tasks that we all hate. This will free us humans to do the strategic and tactical work that would lead to company-wide growth. New startups need to think about how to use human resource and robots over the next 15 years. There is a major shift in our civilization which is coming. The need for businesses to balance resources is critical to our economic survival.

I have to admit that I am not sure how automation is going to affect the job market. Will companies be able to adapt in leveraging human resources to do more analytical work. How is the education system going to change in training a new workforce? This shift from humans to robots will be dramatic over the next 15 years. We must create an economy that removes the mundane tasks from work. Start giving people more work that will invigorate them to do amazing things at their jobs. No one wants to copy and paste data into a spreadsheet for the whole day. I would love to give that job to a robot.

Mr. Singh is the CEO of AIRR Media with over 15 years of experience specializing in digital marketing and technology. He has helped startups increase their online revenue 10x using a proven framework for marketing businesses on the web.